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Individual Membership


9 Benefits of Joining the Adirondack Foothills Cycling Club 

Meet new friends and improve your skills! The biggest value of a riding club is safety in numbers. Cycling can be super-intimidating with the roads, cars, the complexity of the bikes, and how they handle. Being in a group can give a person an opportunity to learn in real-time. 



Our cycling club is here for moral support and motivation. Sometimes cycling is hard. You can always get better and there is always new things to learn. A supportive group around you makes all aspects of the ride more enjoyable.  


Amazing Group Rides and Local Cycling Events

The Adirondack Foothills Cycling Club will be developing amazing local rides and events. Join us to be part of the fun! 


Access New Routes & Club Access to RideWithGPS:

Join the club's RideWithGPS account, giving you access to paid features. With the ADK Foothills CC, it’s about the people you’ll meet, the new routes you discover, the hills conquered and the memories made along the way. 


Member Discounts:

Take advantage of discounts on club-sponsored rides, gear, and local businesses!  

Stay informed

With membership, you will receive the ADK Foothills CC Newsletter. Keep up to date on all the rides, events, and resources for cyclists in and around the area.  



Interested in bike racing? Whether it’s time trials in the spring, road races in the summer, or cyclocross in the winter- if you’re part of our club you will ride with members who do all those disciplines.  



AFCC is a member of the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) and purchases insurance coverage through them. As a result, our members are protected when leading or participating in club rides. 

Giving back to the club

Once you start benefitting from all these perks of being part of the Adirondack Foothills Cycling Club, you'll want to give back give back. This can be equally as rewarding as riding a race and a great way to integrate into the fabric of the club. Volunteering as a ride leader, helping to organize events or simply giving advice to the next new rider are all ways you contribute to the AFCC community 


Individual Membership



Join us on STRAVA to track your rides and see what the club members have ridden this week.



Business Partners & Corporate Support 

The support of the North Country’s business community is integral to the mission of the Adirondack Foothills Cycling Club. Local and regional businesses of all types and sizes play an invaluable role in bringing the AFCC’s most important projects to life. 

Bikes bring business! With highly regarded cycling programs and events, an active social media presence, robust event attendance, and a devoted membership, the ADK Foothills Cycling Club has a great deal to offer our business partners.


Become a Business Partner for $100! This includes: 

  • Two Complimentary Memberships 

  • Your business listed on our supporter’s page 

  • Links to your business on each issue of our AFCC Newsletter 

  • Other opportunities to drive bike traffic to your business.


Sponsorship Opportunities 

Current sponsorship opportunities include: 

  • Annual Cycling Events & Races 

  • Weekly local rides 

  • Education programming for adults and children 

  • Community advocacy, outreach, and public programs 

  • The AFCC’s Newsletter 


The AFCC works closely with our corporate members and sponsors, discussing suitable projects and designing customized benefits packages tailored to each organization’s needs, interests, and target audience.


To discuss Corporate Membership and customized benefits packages, please contact us.  

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